Community News & Public Information

Community Issues

City Hall is working to insure that the various community issues facing Uplands Park is being addressed and solved!

  • Crime and Public Safety
  • Establishing of Businesses in the Community
  • Neighborhood Stabalization and Beautification
  • Local Government Accountability

10/13 Best Practices

  • The Missouri General Assembly have proposed a set of legislations of standards and practices known as the Local Government Accountability Act requiring cities to comply to certain rules and regulations.

1.)Complete an annual balanced budget listing revenues and expenses per state statue.

2.) Have and utilize a capital improvement plan that identifies and prioritizes capital expenditures to maintain public road, parks, and other public facilities.

3.) Conduct an annual financial audit by a CPA and work on implementing audit recommendations.

4.) Utilize a cash management and accounting system that accounts for all revenues.

5.) Manage risk by having insurance coverage including liability, local officials’ bonds, worker compensation, etc.

6.) Have readily available up-to-date ordinances, and be able to provide public access to a set of ordinances at least within 10 days of written request.

7.) Update and enforce codes in order to maintain reasonable standards.

8.) Have any emergency telephone service like 911

9.) Maintain at least two certified police officers per shift 24/7, available to respond within 10 minutes of being contacted by dispatcher.

10.) Have written policies governing safe operations of emergency vehicles, including a police pursuit policy.

11.) Have an up-to-date master plan, planning and zoning commission and a board of adjustment, as applicable, and provide construction code review, directly, or by contract.

12.) Have a solid waste (refuse) and recycling collections that complies with county code.

13.) Provide information annually on municipality’s own website or county website indicating how the city met these standards.